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Finding Hope Nearby

SBL Infusion Services saves couple from long-distance move.


Sullivan resident William Hagen thrives on the hope that he can stave off the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease. To have a chance, he needs to receive infusions of specific medications.

Learning at diagnosis that no hospitals in Central Illinois offered the infusions was extremely worrisome to William and his wife, Judith, so they immediately began researching their options.

At first, their options were either to move to Skokie, a city of 67,000 residents 15 miles outside of downtown Chicago, or to travel there monthly to a hospital that offers the specialized infusions. The Hagens wanted to avoid moving so they sought an alternative.

They began calling the drug manufacturer and then regional hospitals to look for a place where William could receive the infusions. Then they received the news that Sarah Bush Lincoln Infusion Services would administer the medication to William. “It was a dream come true for us!” Judith said.

The Hagen’s hope was alive and well.

The medicine treats people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease—those who have mild cognitive impairment or mild dementia. Although it’s not a cure, it can slow the progression.

After suffering from a stroke two years ago, tests showed that William presented early signs of dementia. Having cared for his mother during her Alzheimer’s decline, William wanted to combat his own. “I didn’t want to go through the same thing,” he explained.

William started receiving infusions at Sarah Bush Lincoln in August 2023, and they have gone smoothly. He receives an infusion every 28 days. The process only takes a couple of hours, and it gives William hope that he can better battle dementia. 

He’s grateful for the caring and compassionate nature of Infusion Services staff members. “They are all great, and they have been extremely helpful,” William said. “I cannot say enough great things about the staff.”

Judith explained the difficult decisions they faced before learning about Sarah Bush Lincoln Infusion Services. “We had to seriously consider moving to Skokie,” Judith said. Thinking that they would have to uproot their lives and move three hours away for William to have a fighting chance against the disease was scary. 

“The best part is that I have this local option for my infusions,” William said. “I don’t have to go more than 100 miles away.”

William’s mother’s illness and his stroke weigh heavily on his and Judith’s minds. The only thing they are guaranteed is hope, and their hope is strengthened because Sarah Bush Lincoln provides the infusions. 

“I don’t want to become a burden to my wife and family,” William explained. “There’s a small chance I can better retain my cognitive abilities, and I’m taking it.”

“The day I found out that Sarah Bush Lincoln would offer this, I broke down in hysterical tears,” Judith explained. “I’ve not been more grateful for anything in my life than this hope that was given.”

For more information about Sarah Bush Lincoln Infusion Services offered in Mattoon and Effingham, call 217 258-4150.