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Welcome to Room Service

Placing your order

Dial 3663 (FOOD) from hospital phone
217-238- or 348-3663 from outside hospital
Hours: 6:30 am to 6:30 pm
Your meal will be delivered within 45 minutes.

Download our complete menu

If your doctor has placed you on a special diet, or if you have been scheduled for certain tests, you may not be permitted to order from this menu, or your selections may be restricted. The Call Center will be able to assist you in making the appropriate choices.

If you have dietary concerns and wish to speak with one of our registered dietitians, please call extension 217-258-2199.

This menu includes the number of carbohydrates in each serving to help you manage your blood sugars. One serving of carbohydrate equals 15 grams. The average diabetic diet includes three to five carbohydrates per meal (45 to 60 grams).

If you have questions about your diet, please ask when placing your order. Monitoring blood sugars and administering medications must be timed with food intake to be most effective. For this reason it is important that you notify your nurse after ordering each meal.