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Advance Directive

Living Will Declaration
Power of Attorney

It is the policy and practice of Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center and its medical staff to provide all indicated care to their patients, recognizing that:

  • There are situations when specific care would have no curative effect, would not contribute to the patient’s comfort and would serve only to prolong the dying process. 
  • The patient has both the right and the need to reasonable, informed participation in decisions involving his/her health care, including decisions to refuse or withhold such care. 
  • Patients will be informed about the use of a Living Will or a Power of Attorney for Health Care to ensure that their healthcare wishes will be known and honored to the greatest extent possible and permissible by law.

The Health Center will not discriminate against a patient because he/she has an advance directive. The patient who has chosen not to have extraordinary life-saving treatment will continue to receive medical care, treatment and support necessary for his/her comfort.

The Health Center also recognizes and will comply with provisions for health care decisions as outlined in the Illinois Healthcare Surrogate Act.

If you have questions about the Health Center’s policies, your treatment or requests for refusal of treatment, we encourage you to discuss them with your physician or other healthcare provider.

Living Wills, Powers of Attorney for Health Care and the Illinois Healthcare Surrogate Act are explained fully in the booklet “Planning Ahead: How to Plan for Future Health Care Decisions Now” provided to you upon your admission as an inpatient or by request. Any questions regarding the material covered in this pamphlet can be answered by a member of our Case or Risk Management Department at 217-258-2392